The Final Post

As HSI comes to a close, this being our last full day, it is time for reflection. The things I learned in this class will be very useful for when I go back to school and apply those skills to my photography class, English class, journalism class, and simply everyday life. The most important thing I learned that was skill-based was the different techniques in taking pictures. All of the tools that should be used to get the right one. Another skill I learned was how to work this blog, which will come in handy when I have to do different projects for different classes. I will know how to run this program, along with Photoshop, if I ever need it. A third skill I learned that I can apply to everyday life, is the ways that media effects people. I will know to be more aware, and try to find opposing sides in order to get the full story. I will also be more aware and be able to tell others when they are being manipulated by the media. I learned what degree it will take in what field in order to have a career in a journalism world, whether it would be a reporter, writer, editor, etc. I can say that I definitely made the goal of what this class is all about.

In my other class, to be honest, I didn’t learn much. I was in the number theory class, which is extremely advanced math. Our professor taught the same thing at Stanford University as he is teaching to a high school summer camp. I learned a few names of famous mathematicians, and I did learn a few tricks, but I was never actually able to solve any problems, because I just didn’t get it. Math isn’t my favorite, or my strength.

My favorite memory in all of HSI would have to be either bowling or the arcade. They were the most fun, and I laughed the most. In bowling, we played two games. The first game, I scored my very first turkey (three strikes in a row) and went from being almost last, to winning the game against seven people, including the head coordinator. It was really fun, because everyone even if they did terribly, would cheer and scream whether it was a gutter, two pins, or a strike. I ended the first game with a score of 124, and the second game I came in second against Rene, she beat me by seven points. But it was the most fun because watching all of the other teams, the people who did terribly got extra cheers when they hit something, and everyone was having such a great time. The  arcade was extremely fun, too. Right when I got there, I was the first round of laser tag. We put on our suits, grabbed our guns, and went into the darkness. I was chasing everyone around and even though I wasn’t good at aiming, I was a great sneak-attacker. Our team won laser tag, and I was the second to lowest individual scorer, due to accuracy, but had some of the most kills. It was amazing. After we were all out of breath, I went and played a round of minigolf with my friend Kas, and we had fun there. I watched a hilarious game where kids had to jump or duck over logs and went flying if they got hit, and I rode on the best cars ever, called zooters. They were animal electric cars, and played music and lit up. We had pizza, played some arcade games, and just overall had a great time. I loved these memories so much because even if people were reluctant to come, they all had a good time in some way.

After being done with HSI, I grew as a person because I learned what I should and shouldn’t do. I honestly was a pretty negative person the whole time, and locked myself in my room. By the end, I learned that I need to really work on being more positive and encouraging, and I strive to do better from that. I also learned about myself that even if I go in with anxiety from an activity, it is easy to get to know people. I went on more and more signups as it drew to an end, and I had fun at every one. So getting out there more is another thing I learned to do.

HSI is a summer program about getting a taste of college life, and I did just that. I learned what it was like to have a dorm, learned what was where on campus, and learned more into what I want to potentially come here for. I want to go into journalism possibly, and getting in this class is a huge advantage, because now I know the professor, and I will have an upper-hand on what the class will be like. I also learned what all is in Laramie to do, and it really is a nice town, close enough to Denver that if I’m bored, a daytrip over there is easy to do.

If I could re-do my HSI experience, I would sign up for every single activity I could. The more people you get to know, the better. I wouldn’t wait to get comfortable, I would just jump right in. And use the skills I learned so I could have a better time. When I go back and people ask me what I did, I will honestly have to sit and think, because in just three weeks, we did so much that it becomes blurry, I might just tell them to read the blog, because that will give them more detail than I could think of on the spot.

When the new kids come to HSI in the years to come, I really hope that they take this information to heart, and I hope that they have an even better time than our year did. We laughed and cried, laughed so hard that we cried, and it truly is unforgettable. I hope I stay in contact with some people here,  and I can’t wait for the reunion.


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